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Alison Thornton
I offer a variety of Holistic Therapies focusing on treating the whole person not just the symptoms. There are many routes to the same destination of achieving optimum health of body and mind and many treatments which aim to rebalance and energise, provide pain relief and alleviate stress and enable the body to start the process of self healing. These include The Bowen Technique, an amazingly gentle, straight forward remedial therapy which can safely help many problems from back pain, frozen shoulder and sports injuries to chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Aromatherapy massage, Reflexology, Reiki and Indian Head Massage are other favourites and a Holistic Facial for a real relaxation treat.

I am also passionate about Pilates and have over 30 years teaching experience in class, small group and one to one settings.  It is essential for the individual to really understand which muscles they are working and how to locate them, to embrace the ultimate aim of improved health physically and mentally through focusing and concentration as devised by Joseph Pilates. I was lucky enough to train for a number of years with Alan Herdman, the first to introduce Pilates to Britain and open his London Studio in the 1960’s.

The combination of therapies and Pilates exercise go hand in hand to improve quality of health, for example the changes brought about by the Bowen Technique can be better maintained by moving correctly and the easing of muscular stiffness and pain from massage can be promoted by gentle stretching and toning, increasing flexibility and circulation and improving breathing and posture. Special interests include working with stroke survivors, the less able and the elderly.

I enjoy ongoing training and development of skills to enhance and develop my practise, education being a lifelong pursuit.

I am confident I can improve the well being of my clients through the therapies I practise.  They include:

• Aromatherapy Massage

Bowen Technique
Holistic Facial

• Indian Head Massage

• Pilates


• Reiki